Can CBD Help My Dog?

Firstly, if your dog suffers from neurological disorders like seizures, neuropathy, epilepsy, or nerve damage/pain, CBD can be a relatively risk-free way to try to treat these conditions. Many dog owners report that CBD has helped their dog through epilepsy and seizures, for example. But, it also poses numerous benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties that can help dogs with arthritis or joint and muscle pain, especially older dogs that are losing their energy to run around and play. It can also be great for dogs with upset stomachs or dogs who are taking medications that have side effects on their stomachs. Perhaps most prominently, however, is the fact that CBD has been reported to address anxiety in dogs similarly to how it works in humans. This means that the anti-anxiety properties of CBD can help dogs with separation anxiety. If your dog misses you too much when you leave the house, and resorts to tearing up your carpet or scratching your doors, CBD may be the remedy. 

How Should I Give my Dog CBD?

As with any remedy or treatment you wish to try with your pet, you should carefully monitor how they respond to it, and start with smaller doses to assess its effects. Additionally, don’t give your pet anything you wouldn’t be okay to try yourself. This means that just as you would search for high quality and reputable CBD products for your own use, you should also search for them for your pet to avoid any potential risks. Emerald Forest CBD Dispensary sells CBD dog treats that taste great. Pups love the meaty ribeye flavor of the treats, so it’s absolutely no hassle at all to get them to snack on some, unlike medications that come in pills that your pet might hate. These treats can be a win-win as they help your dog relax, and might just be the easy remedy you needed to help them!