Delta 8 THC vs Delta 9 THC

Delta-8 provides the physical sedation that relaxes the body and gives a calmness to the mind, however it does not create as much of the impaired judgment that comes with THC because it binds differently than THC to receptors in the nervous system. In essence, Delta-8 creates the relaxing feeling of being high without the panic and fogginess of being stoned. Additionally, it also has plenty of therapeutic benefits that make it very appealing to those interested in CBD and its counterparts.

What About Paranoia?

The best thing about Delta-8 products is that they promise to get you high with no fear of the ensuing paranoia or anxiety that Delta-9-THC can cause. Most people experience some form of anxiety or paranoia when they use THC. If you’ve been high multiple times, you’ve most likely felt the psychoactive effects of THC, including the feeling of panic that it can cause. If you remember this feeling or it happens often, you may want to consider Delta-8 for your needs. Both will get you high, but Delta-8 is half as potent as THC, which means it will do so without the dizziness, anxiety, and even headaches. It has been described by many as “a smoother high.”

What Does the Law Say?

Delta-8 derived from the hemp plant has non-intoxicating levels of THC. It is completely legal in the United States thanks to a 2018 federal bill. Delta-8 can be highly effective for treating many different ailments, and may even prove more suitable and effective than THC for many. At Emerald Forest CBD Dispensary, you can find a large collection of quality Delta-8 products which are all completely legal according to federal law.