What is Kratom and Where to Buy it in San Antonio

What is Kratom?
Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia. Within the leaves is a chemical known as mitragynine, which functions like opioids. Kratom is used for pain-relief and is thought to have properties that can help with anxiety, depression, and general mood. Since the 1800s, people have been using Kkatom in herbal medicine for its soothing properties.
The leaves of this tropical tree can be crushed and smoked, mixed into a tea, or inserted into edible gel or gummies. People who smoke or ingest kratom may report increased focus and energy due to its stimulant-like effects, or relaxation and a calm euphoria due to its sedative effects at different doses.
Where Can I Find Kratom?
You can find kratom at many different smoke shops or vape shops that carry a variety of different products such as CBD and Delta 8 as well. For example, you may choose 1836 Kratom for their extensive variety of kratom products, such as delicious caramel apple kratom chews. Or, you might choose to shop for Whole Herbs Kratom for their 100% organic capsules or powders. On the other hand, Remarkable Herbs is the longest-running kratom company in the U.S. and offers different strains such as Thai, Indonesian, Bali, or Vietnam Kratom. Lastly, you can find a unique kratom product: Liquid kratom from OPMS Kratom, which uses a rigorous and proprietary extraction method to provide some of the highest quality kratom on the market.
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